Wide shot of LEED Platinum HopeWorks Station North, with pedestrian and car traffic.

HopeWorks Station North is taking transformation to the next level.

Situated on what was once an underutilized industrial area, this development will anchor a bustling hub of opportunity for members of our community looking to get stabilized and on a career pathway.

Growing up, I experienced unspeakable violence and poverty. When I had my son, I fled home to protect him. We had nowhere to live except in my car. It broke my heart that I couldn’t provide for him better.

Thankfully, a shelter eventually opened up. Now stably housed, I interned at HopeWorks. My experience there was life-changing. I gained essential job skills and greater confidence. They helped me apply for work. The day Chase Bank called to offer me a job, I screamed so loud my son ran to see if I was OK!

Today, I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree with a goal of working for Chase corporate in communications after I graduate.

Everyone trapped in poverty has untapped potential. They just need to be given an opportunity. HopeWorks gave me that. Please make a gift today to HopeWorks North so that others like me have that same opportunity to thrive and grow. Thank you!

– Jessica

HopeWorks Station North assists people like Jessica with:

  • 65 affordable apartments empowering disadvantaged veterans, families, and youth through sustainable pathways towards self-sufficiency

  • A community hub welcoming the neighborhood to our expanded cafe, event & meeting spaces, and community training classrooms

  • Food-focused social enterprises offering culinary training programs, career counseling, and confidence building for residents and neighbors seeking lasting employment pathways

  • Combining environmental and social impact, HopeWorks North is a transformative residential and social hub that gives more than it takes; from energy conservation to equity, health and happiness

  • Just two blocks from the Everett Transit Station, HopeWorks North is easily accessed by bike, bus, train or car, fostering rich connections between the growing community of residents, commuters, visitors and future transit-oriented development in the Metro Everett area

Programs at HopeWorks Station North

Photo of a person with gloves, cutting red onion on a green cutting board.


The ground level of this 67,000 square foot development will be dedicated entirely to a group of food service social enterprises, the cornerstone of which is the cafe. Coming soon, this space will have a new face and feel. A thoughtfully designed kitchen and production space complete with state-of-the-art, highly energy-efficient equipment will expand our training opportunities and culinary offerings. A welcoming space and wholesome food will combine to create an environment that encourages people to buy local, savor connections to community, and incubate ideas for positive change.


Veterans have reentered the community in large numbers after service to our nation. A surprisingly high percentage have experienced homelessness as a result of social, physical, and mental health challenges. Post-Traumatic Stress and substance abuse are common factors within this population. A stable, affordable place to live is a fundamental need for veterans desiring employment pathways which is why HopeWorks Station North has 15 apartments dedicated to veterans who pursue employment pathways.

Photo of a veteran saluting, from the back, with others out of focus in front of them.
Photo of five individuals standing in front of a Cafe Works blackboard, smiling and looking at various cameras.


HopeWorks Station North also has 15 apartments dedicated to homeless youth seeking long term housing, job training and a brighter future. These apartments are the result of a coordinated initiative between Housing Hope, HopeWorks and Cocoon house to break the cycle of generational poverty


The building is equipped with 89 bicycle parking stations and a maintenance/repair station. The bike racks are available for customers on the Broadway level. Residents are offered an “Earn a Bike” opportunity by completing a course on bicycle safety, travel basics and repair. Incentives including bike lights, locks and bus passes may be made available.

Close-up of bike tires on bikes, linked up in a row on a sidewalk.
Overhead isometric rendering of HopeWorks Station North and surrounding parking.


The HopeWorks Station goal is to transform the way we use, produce, and consume energy. This is being accomplished through both energy generation and an energy behavior initiative. Through the performance of the building, we are seeking to generate a model that will benefit affordable housing developers in Washington State and promote a sustainability concept in our community.

HopeWorks Station is participating in the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge, it is a rigorous building standard designed to create spaces that give more than they take. Click to learn more.


Since 2007, the Snohomish County Point-in-Time Count reports drug and alcohol addiction as a top three reason for homelessness. Meaningful reductions in addiction related homelessness can only be achieved through a coordinated effort, which is why Housing Hope and HopeWorks are partnering with the Snohomish County Family Drug Treatment Court (SCFDTC) program.

The SCFDTC is a court-supervised treatment and parenting program for parents with children involved in the child welfare system.  A Washington State University Study found that participants in SCFDTC had a significantly higher treatment completion rate than those who participated in treatment through the traditional dependency system, fewer parents had their parental rights terminated, and children spent less time in the child welfare system. 

 HopeWorks North includes ten apartments with Project-Based Vouchers dedicated to serving homeless parents in the SCFDTC program who have a vision, goal, and motivation to pursue education and employment activities that lead to living wage careers. By the time of their graduation, participants have established a stable recovery, have been living with their children for over six months, and have completed chemical dependency treatment. This coordinated effort to break the cycle of poverty will help reunify families, restoring hope in the process.

Three Ways to Support HopeWorks Station North


A funding pledge of $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000, paid over 1-3 years, entitles you to name one of the 65 apartments in this building. Apartment funders will be invited to an annual evening party, with food prepared by the culinary training program, to celebrate the HopeWorks and Housing Hope progress in solving local homelessness. Apartment naming can honor a loved one and will proudly be displayed in the main lobby for the whole community to see.


For a pledge of $5,000 to $9,900, paid over one to three years, we will proudly acknowledge your generous support on our attractive major donor wall in the main lobby. Your support will empower numerous interns to regain hope and a feeling of self-worth as they progress through their internship and job training, all while having a safe and secure place to call home.


A gift of any amount facilitates life-change for our residents and interns and will help us reach our campaign goal for this very special facility and program.

All your support is 100% tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Besides credit card, check or cash, donating appreciated assets, such as stocks, is a very tax savvy way to give.

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