We LOVE it when we can celebrate a graduation from our Training Academy.

This week, Carlhie will graduate from the Kindred Kitchen Employment Training Academy. This is a big deal as Carlhie has a newfound sobriety after being homeless for quite a long time. Her response to the 12-week culinary training program, the 8-week Solid Foundations course that teaches soft skills, and the housing she has received from Housing Hope has at times been overwhelming. “Everyone has been so kind and eager to help me. I feel like I am in a nest where I am safe and if I make a mistake, I have the support to fix it. I am a spiritual person and I pray for things that money cannot buy. Joy and happiness are what I feel when I go into my apartment. I used to feel isolated and sometimes lonely because I had so much to deal with. I am learning now to be stable in a place I can call my own. My trainer Jon and my employment coach Dan have been wonderful in helping me adjust.”

Originally from Haiti, Carlhie’s grandparents were no longer able to care for her so her childhood was spent in an orphanage. She married at age 17 and came to the United States. The marriage was not healthy and Carlhie ended up turning to alcohol to self-medicate from the controlling and abusive relationship she was in. After multiple attempts to leave the relationship and other bad ones that followed, Carlihie landed here. “I am thankful for my social worker Janet and all she has helped me with. I am now in a place where I look forward to coming to class every day. It is a gentle place to be so I can keep my focus on my health. This place helped me get sober and when I look in the mirror every day I say, “be gentle on yourself”. I have learned to see with my heart, not my eyes, as I will always see bad things. I listen with my heart and not my ears so I can hear positive things. The heart is the only organ that can speak for all the parts. I cherish this time now.”

Congratulations Carlhie!

Congrats too to all the team members and community partners who have been there for her. We are better together. We have a lot to celebrate in Carlhie’s achievements this week.

Photo of a woman with piercings smiling at the camera.