HopeWorks Station Rentals

Opened in December 2019, HopeWorks Station is a beautiful facility offering three rentable spaces with state-of-the-art technology. Rooms can be rented hourly Monday – Friday, between 8am and 4pm. There is a full day rate available for up to 8 hours. The rental fee is waived with a minimum catering purchase, see full pricing details below.

Why Use Our Space?

Renting a room at HopeWorks Station provides you with access to all other amenities you will need, and you’re also promoting social good!HopeWorks operates social enterprises that are mission-driven, revenue-generating businesses that provide on the job training to community members with diverse skills who are striving to overcome expe-riences that have left them out of the workforce. All room rental fees and catering support the operations of HopeWorks and the training program.

Room Features

  • Computers with internet access & video conferencing capability
  • Large HDTV screens
  • ADA accessible building and rooms
  • Free parking
  • No minimum rental fee
  • Catering options available through Kindred Kitchen
    (No outside food allowed)
Photo of a corporate rental space, with 12 chairs around a large table.


Capacity: Maximum of 13

The Jones Room features multiple six-foot tables and conference style seating, and can accommodate up to 13 guests.

Hourly Rates
Non-profit: $25/hr
Corporate: $30/hr
Catering Minimum to waive rental fee (up to 3 hours): $75/hr*

Full Day Flat Rate (up to 8 hours)
Full Day Rate: $200
Catering Minimum to waive rental fee: $250*

Photo of a room divider, mid extension in a corporate room.


Capacity: Maximum of 50

The Weinberg Room can be booked as a whole room, or features a room divider for a half room rental for up to 25 guests each. The chairs and tables are mobile, allowing for conference or clasroom style seeting.

Hourly Rates
Half Room, Non-profit: $30/hr
Half Room, Corporate: $35/hr
Half Room, Catering Minimum to waive rental fee (up to 3 hours): $110/hr*

Full Room, Non-profit: $60/hr
Full Room, Corporate: $70/hr
Full Room, Catering Minimum to waive rental fee (up to 3 hours): $200/hr*

Full Day Flat Rate (up to 8 hours)
Half Room, Full Day Rate: $250
Half Room, Catering Minimum to waive rental fee: $300*

Full Room, Full Day Rate: $495
Full Room, Catering Minimum to waive rental fee: $550*

*Minimum catering spend includes tax, not gratuity

Need to nourish your group?

Look no further than our in-house catering! Kindred Kitchen has a wide menu of options for breakfast, lunch, or snacks.•

  • Select from pastry, sandwich & salad & platters, or boxed lunches & salads, all served with or without beverages.
  • Food is made fresh to order and delivered directly to your room.
  • Don’t want to cater? Guests can order their own food and beverages in the café and bring it to the room.
  • Room rental fees will be waived with a minimum catering purchase. Review each room’s rental rates for full details.
  • More information on catering, including the full menu, can be found at