Ejay Perez is focused on his future. He just graduated from our Kindred Kitchen Culinary Training Academy and is considering his options for employment. He was a diligent worker in the program and caught on quickly to the many concepts he was exposed to.

“Jon Zintel (Kindred Kitchen Trainer) made terms and vocabulary easy to understand. He is really a standout teacher. I was able to work on a lot of different projects with him and I am definitely more knowledgeable than when I started the program.”

After having an enjoyable experience in the program, Ejay is eager to work on his own projects now. “I don’t want to try to mimic or copy the work of another person. I want to be true to who I am.”  He will be working on his resume and looking for a good fit for his next step into employment.

We wish you all the best Ejay! Congratulations on your course completion.

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