Emilie is a training program alumnus who is now employed as a part-time teaching assistant at Tomorrow’s Hope. Emilie grew up in western Washington, she was raised by a close-knit family who helped to foster her passions.

In her childhood, Emilie was homeschooled throughout elementary school and went to middle school and high school in public school. Her relationship with school was rocky for most of her time in middle and high school. She struggled to keep up with schoolwork, and she often felt like the amount of schoolwork she was receiving was overwhelming. Emilie struggled with those feelings until high school. In high school, Emilie was diagnosed with Autism and ADD. She said the diagnosis was bittersweet. She was happy to have found a path to help her cope and receive the support she needed with her struggles. However, she still felt left out and different, it took her time to feel comfortable with her diagnosis; “the most important lesson I learned in my life is that everyone moves at different paces. It is okay to move at a different pace” Emilie said. That pace was one of compassion, empathy, and the desire to help. Emilie wanted to help wherever help was needed, volunteering her time at grocery stores and delis in Marysville.

Photo of a young woman in a hoodie and glasses standing in front of a blank and smiling.

Volunteering brought her joy. But there was another layer of fulfillment that Emilie wanted. She wanted to care for people and animals that couldn’t fully help themselves. She spent her childhood helping to care for their family dogs which inspired her to care for people. While searching for employment and volunteer opportunities, Emile came across HopeWorks’ training program at Tomorrow’s Hope. With support from her parents and people around her, she applied and made it into the program. Emilie started in the classroom and went through the program with ease. “My favorite memory of the program was my first day. As soon as I walked through the doors to the classroom, I was greeted with a hug from one of the children.” Emilie knew from that point on, she wanted to make a career in childcare. She was excited to learn something new every day, “Emilie was able to pinpoint kids who needed help and give them the extra T.L.C. they needed while the other teachers could focus on the group,” said Amanda, her trainer at Tomorrow’s Hope.

Photo of a young woman sitting on the floor with a child, reading a story to them.

Emilie proved that she is determined and ready to take on challenges. “Even when something was intimidating she would never back down,” Amanda said about Emilie’s progression in the classroom. For the students she teaches, her diagnosis of ADD and Autism provides an example of strength and perseverance and gives children who may have similar diagnoses a feeling of belonging and support in the classroom. Emilie has a gift for working with children and she shines brightly in the classroom.

Through her hard work and talent, Emilie earned a position as an assistant teacher at Tomorrow’s Hope. Emilie is always willing to learn and fine-tune the skills she wants and needs in life. Emilie is a fantastic example of persistence, strength, and kindness to the children in her classroom, and those around her.