We want to help you and your team succeed in your outreach & promotion of our organizations. Below are resources to some common questions for marketing requests and supplies.


Are these resources for Housing Hope employees as well?2023-08-16T16:25:04-07:00

Yep! As a unified marketing department, we are aiming to not send people in multiple directions when looking for assistance. These resources are for all employees of Housing Hope, HopeWorks, and HopeWorks’ social enterprises.

I have a project for marketing!2023-08-16T16:14:15-07:00

Fill out our new project form, and we will reach out if we need any clarification or questions answered.

I need some promotional material or swag for an event.2023-08-16T16:13:23-07:00

Fill out our promo equipment form, and we will coordinate the materials you need for your date.

I don’t have a business card and need one.2023-08-16T15:12:30-07:00

Please fill out our business card form. Note that not all staff members will have individualized business cards.

I need business card reprints.2023-08-16T15:09:13-07:00

Please fill out our business card form. For reprints, you will only need to provide your name and quantity of cards needed.

I would like to check out Cricut tools or a heat press.2023-08-16T15:42:23-07:00

Please fill out this form to begin our Cricut checkout process.

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