O’Rian was a single father of a 9 year-old daughter and didn’t have a job in six months. He was introduced to an employment specialist for Housing Hope who put him into the Housing Hope life skills classes. From there O’Rian interviewed for an trainee opportunity at Ground Works Landscaping and started shortly afterwards. “I wanted to prove myself and work hard,” O’Rian said about his training with Ground Works.

When O’Rian’s training ended he was hired on as part of the crew at Ground Works and now is a full-time employee. O’Rian said he is excited because he really likes the people he works with, Housing Hope and HopeWorks, and what the agencies stand for. He also said it is the first time he has had a job with benefits and paid sick time. He is now off DSHS support and taking care of his daughter all by himself. “My daughter sees me in a whole new light,” he said. “I wanted a hand up, not a hand out, and that is what I got here.”

A man standing next to a Ground Works truck, with vinyl on the passenger door.