I was born in 1972 into addiction where my mother was a victim of human trafficking. She was also a heroin addict and struggled greatly with mental health issues. I was passed around the system for 3 years and was eventually adopted by my bio mom’s best friend. I grew [...]

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Dennis Willard, U.S. Navy Veteran, was stationed at Port Hueneme California in the Navy Construction Battalion (commonly referred to as Seabee). As a Seabee he was responsible for building infrastructure for the U.S. military around the world. During his eight years of service, Dennis deployed to numerous countries such as [...]

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When Precious found Housing Hope she was 9 months pregnant and homeless. She found Housing Hope through a referral to help her, her boyfriend and her soon to be born daughter to get off the streets. Her daughter was born a week after getting housing. While at Housing Hope Precious [...]

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